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Always a favourite with young families; Animal Tracks has a huge range of small furry animals in store. When you come to Animal Tracks you will always have a wide selection of small animals to choose from and you can enjoy spending time petting the animal to see if it is the right choice of pet for you and your family.

In-store all of our small animals are sourced from highly commended breeders and suppliers, ensuring you purchase an animal of optimum quality. An added bonus to the Rodent Run animals is that some of the small animals in our care have been hand-reared in the store, ensuring an excellent foundation for companionship. Our helpful team of staff have been trained to answer any questions and discuss any requirements related to small animals and the correct care, so you can be sure you will receive the best advice in-store or over the telephone. We can also provide care sheets to reference to for the duration of your new relationship.
Small Animals We Frequently Stock In-store:

  • Mice- Golden Satin, Fancy, Naked, Texal, Siamese, Arabian Spiny, Harvest, Striped Grass, Multimammate, African Pigmy, African Dwarf Dormouse
  • Rats- Naked, Dumbo, Fancy, Hooded, Gambian, Blue, Blue Dumbo, Nile
  • Hamsters- Syrian, Winter White, Chinese, Robovoski
  • Gerbils- Duprasi, Pallid
  • Rabbits- Lionheads, Lops, Netherland Dwarfs, Dutch
  • Large Breed Rabbits- Californian Giant, New Zealand White, Flemish, Continental
  • Guinea Pigs- Long Haired, Crested, Smooth, to name a few
  • Chinchillas- White/Mosaic, Beige, Grey, Black Velvet, Violet and Charcoal Black
  • Chipmunks- Whites, Normal
  • Ferrets- (Variety of Colours)
  • Degu- Standard, Blue
  • Jird- Shaws, Bushy Tailed
  • Hedgehogs- African Pygmy Long and Short Eared (Various Colours)
  • Sugar Gliders
  • Lemmings- Steppe, Mediterranean
  • And many more.

We supply cages and hutches, food, toys, treats, bedding and other products used for the care of your small animal in-store and on-line. If you wish to buy an animal, please come into one of our stores.

Products Offered On-Line and In-Store:

  • Cages
  • Indoor Hutches
  • Outdoor Hutches
  • Feeders
  • Drinkers
  • Food Bowls
  • Water Dishes
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Feed
  • Toilets
  • Exercise Products

And so much more
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When you are considering getting a pet there are so many things to think about and it is easy to get confused the same as if you are getting a new pet that you haven’t had before there is a huge amount to consider to make sure it is the right pet for you. In order to make it easy for you why not read our article, “What is Best for Your Small Animal? Indoor Hutches, Outdoor Hutches, Cages, Runs and Caring for Your Animal Explained. This article covers the main points in looking after particular small animals and any special requirements they may have and is written by our dedicated team at Animal Tracks so you can be sure to choose the perfect pet for you and your family.

Exotic Breeds:

Our Rodent Run Department in-store encompasses a range of exotic breeds of mammals. We have had a number of different exotic mammals over the years and we always have at least one exotic mammal in-store at all times.



To find out more about our Exotic animals please contact us. We have at least one exotic at all times in-store. To find out which exotic animals we have in-store at present click on our NEWS page.


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